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HAYABUSA Large "FALCON & KANJI" stickers

  • Original products made in Japan
  • High durability to ultraviolet rays.
  • Sticker size about (14"x27.5"=360mm x700mm)
  • Clipping sticker around the hole of air-outlet is needed.
  • You can put it on the curved surface by warming this sticker with a hand-dryer.
  • Sticker-sheet follows it to a flange part of air-outlet by working carefully.
  • Miyabi's original Hayabusa extra stickers added.
  • Listing item is not included in COWL ASSY only with a STICKERS of L&R set.
  • Registered small packet shipping
  • Possible to order the special color what you want, and you can confirm the finish by CG.


  • Fit for 2008~
  • Yellow/Black
  • US $150
  • Free shipping